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Our Projects

Our projects come in all forms of construction including remodeling, rebuilding foreclosed properties, painting, concrete flat work, concrete textures "Pool deck" Concrete structural repairs, stucco to door replacement.

Our Projects Specialize In

Waterproofing, structural repairs, concrete and wood remediation.

Featured Projects

Here are some of the projects we want to tell you about, so you can get a better idea of how we can help you with your home or business.

Edgewater Beach Resort, Panama City Beach, Fl

Ocean Towers 2007 column repair slide show

In late 2008 and early 2009 Beaches Construction installed 890 entry unit doors of Edgewater Beach Resort on the high rise and villa's. We purchased the pre-hung fiberglass doors that had to be wind resistant and fire rated and then shipped to our warehouse. We prepared and painted these doors and door jams (2 colors, inside and out). We then let them cure and dry so we could transport them without damage to Edgewater and installed them. The only inconvenience to the Owner or Guest was less than 2 hours. The end results were very happy Unit Owners and Management Team.

Watercrest Condominium Association, Panama City Beach, Fl

In 2010 we are exchanging doors at Watercrest Condominium Association.

Home Foundation Repair, Panama City, Fl

In 2010, we are installing a complete new foundation of a 50 year old house that was remodeled 25 years ago and had a second story added on. The original foundation was giving out as well as the house was badly damaged by termites. This house in on Front Beach and looks out at the Beach. We removed the floors in the bedrooms and living area on the ground level and dug new grade beams and columns to hold up the house. Concrete alone was 15 cubic yards.

All the wood beams along the perimeter of the house and the main beams under the house were badly destroyed by termites. We had to replace all the termite damaged wood with new pressure treated wood beams and install a new floor joist: this is all the wood under the house. The secret to this project was to balance the house on post shores and to do the construction in a planned fashion to keep the house from falling or dropping while under construction.

Project Slideshows

Point Lagoon wood rot 2006

Concrete Deck Repair and Waterproofing

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