Some of the Best Home Repairs to Have Done This Spring


home repairsSpring is in full swing and summer is just around the corner. What better time to get around to those home repairs you’ve been thinking about? Property damage repairs make up almost 36% of home remodeling jobs, and spring is definitely the time to get them done. Here are a few of the best repairs to have done this season.

Stucco/siding repair
In the winter months the expansion and contraction of the exterior of your house from the heat and cold days, may cause cracks in your stucco and will let water enter and damage the inter walls under the stucco. Always inspect your house and if there are any swelling or large cracks, it is time to call a General Contractor to fix your issues. As water enters your house the damage will get worse and more expensive. Water will also bring in the bugs and termites.

Gutter Inspections
Gutter maintenance is undeniably the least fun aspect of owning a home. But it’s one of the most necessary tasks, especially if there’s still nonsense in there from spring. Make sure you take the time to thoroughly inspect your gutters and invest in water proofing so they don’t rust or wear down over time. In addition, you should check to make sure all of your gutters are securely attached to your home. A loose gutter could cause a lot of damage.

Concrete Restoration
If the weather looks good, it’s time to inspect your concrete. Water can get into small cracks and expand the reinforcing steel, leaving room for more water damage to get in and repeat the process. Any significant cracks or movement should be addressed immediately, as it could compromise the integrity of your concrete foundation and walls.

Foundation Maintenance
Perhaps the most important item on this list is checking your foundation for imperfections. If you notice any cracks or suspicious discoloration, you may want to call general contractors to come take a look at it. Foundation imperfections could lead to water damage and structural instability in your home, so stay alert.

Spring is the best time to focus on home repairs like these. As the weather gets nicer, so should your home! Make sure you’re not neglecting annual spring maintenance tasks.