What Are The Most Common Sites Of Termite Damage?


residential construction companyWhen you thought of home remodeling when you first bought your house, you were probably thinking of a kitchen remodel and not termite damage repair. Unfortunately, termites are responsible for nearly $750 million worth of property damage every year in the United States.

In fact, termites can cause more damage to U.S. homes in a single year than any type of natural disaster. Here are some of the most common types of termite damage repair Panama City homeowners need after an infestation.

  1. Porch and deck damage
    One of the most common reasons Panama City homeowners will call a residential construction company is because of termite damage on their porches and decks. These areas of your house are vulnerable because they’re often made of wood and come into direct contact with the soil of your yard. In order to prevent termite damage in the future, consider utilizing termite-resistant wood in the future such as redwood or cedar. Chemically-treated wood is another option.
  2. Window and door damage
    Your windows and doors are another common spot for termite damage. Unfortunately, once termites make cracks in these areas they can enter your home more easily. A residential construction company will need to repair and replace the molding and trim around these areas to prevent termites from entering in the future.
  3. Foundation damage
    Termites can be incredibly frustrating to get rid of without the help of an exterminator because they often start causing damage from the ground up. This means not only are your porch, deck, windows, and doors suffering from termite damage but also the foundation of your home itself. Common repairs made to your home’s structure include flooring repairs, support beat repairs, and wall stud repairs. These kinds of repairs are absolutely necessary for the protection and safety of you and your family.

Termites can cause a considerable amount of damage in a short amount of time. In fact, the average termite has the ability to eat as much as 3% of its total body weight every day.

Fortunately, Beaches Construction can help you make the necessary home repairs you need after an infestation. For more information on the services of our residential construction company, contact Beaches Construction today.