This is Why You Should Hire a General Contractor for Any Home Remodeling Project


General contractorsFrom sewing buttons back on to constructing doghouses from scratch, we truly live in an era where DIY projects are the norm. And while they might be appealing, there’s a limit to how much you can do as an untrained individual, especially if home remodeling projects are on your to-do list this season. Instead of putting your safety at risk, here are a few excellent reasons to let general contractors handle the heavy lifting.

Project Management
If you’re not good with project planning and organization, have no fear! General contractors are here to help. When you hire a general contractor, they will create a project schedule and handles all communications with sub-contractors and any other individuals who have a hand in your home repairs.

Trades and sub-contractors tend to point fingers when something goes wrong. If you hire all of these people separately, it could lead to chaos and a multitude of delays to your home remodeling project. But when a general contractor is responsible for home repairs, there’s a guarantee that you’ll have a single point of accountability.

Unless you’re a general contractor, you simply don’t have the knowledge or training necessary to handle most major home repairs. Whether it’s repairing water damage, performing residential construction, or planning some condo remodeling, you shouldn’t be attempting these tasks. Instead, you should trust a professional to bring your vision to life.

Homeowner’s insurance may require all work to be done by a professional, but it won’t protect you in the event that an injury occurs in your home. Fortunately, licensed general contractors will have their own liability insurance and workers’ compensation procedures. This helps reduce risk in the first place, and protects you in the event that someone sustains an injury in your home.

DIY projects can be fun, especially if you’re crafting an item that will improve your life later. But if you’re planning a big project or happen to be one of the unfortunate 14,000 people in the U.S. dealing with a water damage issue on a given day, make sure you call a general contractor to get the job done quickly and to get it done right.