Concrete Repair

Pressure grouting is pumping a special concrete mix designed to repair spalling into affected areas. The result is a permanent fix, but only if done by experienced professionals. We have performed many spalling repairs and are especially skilled to handle this delicate repair process. We will also repair any other concrete damage incurred as a […]

Point Lagoon Condominium

Contrary to its name, dry rot is caused by water as well. If wood is exposed to water for a long period of time it will eventually rot. Rot acts like a cancer, affecting new wood as it spreads from one piece to another.

Railings and Decks

Railing and deck inspections are mandatory every 3 years by Florida Statues. We can inspect and correct any problems your railings and decks may have, making them safe for your residents. We are able to sign off on required government inspection forms to keep you and your facility in accordance with the law.