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Water Damage Panama City

Are you tired of “how to” home repair? Are you ready for a home repair contractor to take the wheel and make sure your home gets the care and attention it deserves? Beaches construction is this area’s leader in home remodeling, repair, renovation, and improvement. Like our name says, we specialize in coastal home repair and remodeling and understand better than any other the unique needs this type of construction has.

Living along the Gulf of Mexico is wonderful, but the conditions can be harsh and damaging to your home. We have particular repair issues here that need to be handled by a residential construction company who understands those conditions and is able to protect your biggest investment from our weather and climate.

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Water Leaks = Water Damage

By far the number one problem for homes in the Panama City area is water damage. Because we have such unusual conditions on the Gulf, our homes take a beating and can let water invade. Water can leak into the tiniest crevice and, if unchecked, will cause devastating and expensive damage.

It takes a trained eye to discover where water might be leaking into your home, and sometimes the damage goes unnoticed until there is a stain on the ceiling or a puddle on the window sill. If you see any symptoms of water infiltration in your home, any at all, call us immediately. A small leak can be hiding a huge water damage issue.
We have many ways to waterproof your home, and we don’t just do “patch and paint” repair. Beaches will ensure that your home is water tight and protected from the elements – from the ground up.

water-leaksDry Rot

Contrary to its name, dry rot is caused by water as well. If wood is exposed to water for a long period of time it will eventually rot. Rot acts like a cancer, affecting new wood as it spreads from one piece to another.

Stucco Repair

Once cracks begin in stucco, you can quickly end up with water damage. Nip it in the bud by calling Beaches Construction as soon as you notice it. We will match the color, repair the mesh, apply new stucco, level it out, and apply the texture to match the rest of your home.

Termite Damage Repair Panama City

Termites cause billions of dollars of damage to homes every year, and we on the Gulf Coast are especially vulnerable. Termites are attracted to wet wood, and with the soggy conditions in our area, it only takes one water leak to invite the pests into your home. Termite damage can undermine the structural stability of any home or property. They will eat enough wood to weaken structural elements and cause them to fail. Termites follow water into the house many ways, and the best cure is to waterproof your house from the ground up to stop any water intrusion in the first place.

Window Replacement Panama City
We replace and repair windows and doors of all shapes and sizes. From the pane to the frame we can make it look like new again, and make it match the rest of your home.

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