Selling Your Home? Here’s Why You Should Be Water Proofing it First


home remodelingSelling your home can be a tough process, especially if you’re trying to raise its market value before you put it up for sale. Home repairs and even whole home remodeling projects may take place, but there’s one thing you absolutely need to remember to do: water proofing.

A whopping 98% of U.S. basements will experience some level of water damage in their lifetime. If you want to avoid any issues while your home is on the market, here are a few reasons you should focus on water proofing.

It’s a Selling Point
More and more families are turning not to home additions, but to the basement for extra square footage. Family rooms, toy rooms, and even home theaters have taken up residence in spaces that used to simply house washing machines and cobwebs. It’s safe to assume that your basement will be just as much of a selling point as any other. And your basement’s condition could make or break a sale.

Mold is a Deal Breaker
Mold is quick to grow and stubborn to leave, which means you need to avoid it at all costs in the first place. Basements, which are typically dark and damp, make for excellent mold colony living quarters. The easiest way to prevent mold from growing — and your potential buyers from turning down the home — is water proofing.

Structural Damage
If your basement has seen any kind of water damage, you need to have an inspection done right away. Water damage not only fosters mold growth, it can weaken the structure of your home and even contribute to rotting wood. Structural integrity is pretty important in a new home, so water proofing is essential.

You Don’t Have to do it Alone
Fortunately, there are people who can help you with that. Contacting a residential construction company like Beaches Construction can be a huge help. After all, it’s our job to help you make your home a place you love living in.

So if you’re thinking of selling your home, don’t forget just how important it is to water proof. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at Beaches Construction.