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Water Proofing Panama City, FL

Commercial Contractors in Panama City, FL

For thirty years, Beaches Construction has specialized in repair issues that are unique to large structures like condominiums, apartment complexes, and hotels. Work of this type requires extensive skill and experience and should be trusted to only the best of professionals.

Ken Karr, our Certified General Contractor, (Fla CGC #1516934) in Panama City, FL, and his crew are fully trained and equipped to handle the worst cosmetic and structural damage the Gulf of Mexico can dish out. Our work speaks for itself, and here is a sampling of some of the more common commercial building repair issues your facility may have.


Condominiums Upgrades and Remodels

We offer a full range of condo remodeling services, from kitchen and bath renovation to window and door replacement. If you are ready to modernize your condo this off season, give us a call and we’ll be happy to get it just the way you want.

Spalling (swells and breaks)

Spalling is the result of water leaking behind brick, concrete or natural stone and forcing the surface to peel, pop out or flake off. Spalling is a serious problem that can result in severe structural damage to your building. Rebar and other structural components can rust and corrode, compromising the strength of the structure and allowing more air and water in to cause more damage. If you see the siding of your building cracking, bulging, or breaking off, you have spalling, and should call us right away.

Foundation and Structural Repairs

Foundation damage is common on the coast, where we literally have shifting sand beneath our buildings, and can be a frightening and substantial threat to your structure. Repair involves removing damaged foundation material and installing new reinforced beams. This is delicate and crucial work. If not done properly, your building is at risk of severe damage. Foundation damage is usually caused by water, which undermines the concrete and breaks the beam. Also, water attracts termites, which eat wooden reinforcements and cause foundation damage.



Elastomeric Coatings

Elastomeric is a membrane coating that will waterproof exterior stucco, masonry and concrete buildings. Elastomeric coatings bridge hairline cracks and stop wind driven rain. Ordinary paint does not have this waterproofing effect, and can result in water leaks and water damage. Again, the professionals at Beaches Construction can advise you on just the right exterior coating for your particular needs.


Clear sealers are another great way to preserve the natural look of wood, brick and decorative concrete. These can also be used on horizontal areas like decks and docks. Once applied, you will never know the sealer is there, but the water will, and won’t be able to infiltrate your home.


Repair work is not all we do. We also offer complete renovation and remodeling services. From kitchen and bath makeovers to window and door replacement, to complete addition construction, Beaches Construction is a full service residential repair, remodeling, and renovation company.

If you have water damage in Panama City contact Beaches today!

Deck Coatings

Beaches Construction also installs urethane deck coatings for balconies, parking decks and garages, and overhead decks with living space underneath

Epoxy Injection

Beaches Construction uses epoxy injection to permently stop water leaks in concrete. Epoxy Injection is great for cracks in swimming pools, concrete decks, parking garages, bridges, DOT projects.


Caulking is vital to the water proofing in Panama City. Proper caulking between all dissimilar materials and different elevations will stop most water intrusion issues on most buildings. But did you know there are dozens of caulks out there, each for a special set of conditions? Off-the-shelf caulk will not do in our extreme environment. Beaches Construction uses just the right caulk for your specific situation, ensuring a lasting and effective repair. Special bond breakers, under the caulking, are also a simple but necessary component of a great caulk joint, and we go this extra step to get it done right.

Condominium Envelopes
A Condo Envelope is the complete exterior of your comdominum and Beaches Construction works on the complete envelope from top to bottom with all type of repairs, new construction, alterations. We will replace windows and doors, walls and stucco, concrete decks, railings, and painting to name a few.

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